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Count on David Todd Fossen Hardwoods for unmatched hardwood flooring services! From refinishing to sales and installations, we offer many flooring services at affordable prices. Contact us today for more details on our one-of-a-kind hardwoods.


At David Todd Fossen Hardwoods we recommend Bona professional hardwood floor cleaner. Bona makes two types of flooring cleaner one is for hardwood floors finished with polyurethane finishes the other is for hardwood floors finished with natural oil finishes you must use the correct cleaner on your finish. Please contact us if you have any questions. Use only as much cleaner as needed more is not better. Keep cleaning pads rinsed and clean through the process. Keeping your floor clean and free of grit and debris will extend the life of your floor finish. Whether finish in place or prefinished keep walk-off mats at all outside entrances. 


Wood Floor Environment

Wood floors need to live in an indoor environment of 35% to 55% relative humidity whether they are solid or engineered. Indoor air temperatures are best between 60° and 80° this is the golden rule for both. With lower humidity you will see excessive gaps in solid wood floors and cracking in the layers of engineered wood floors. With the highest humidity you will see cupping and warping. Most manufacturers of wood flooring will not warranty products that live outside these ranges.


Long-Term Maintenance

We can re-coat your floor when you see wear at high traffic areas this will ensure an extended floor life and a protected wood floor call us before you see dark green in your wood floor whether it’s finished or pre-finish. We do not recommend floor polish please call us to have your floor coated instead.

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